Investing across Monroe County what works and what doesn’t

    Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by!  I’m committed to delivering the best content on investing in Rochester NY / Monroe County and beyond.  Why is it such a big area?  Well, because some people like it one way and others like in another, and to me I get to make up my own mind so I don’t mind what you fools choose!  Ask anyone and I’m the most transparent real estate investor out there.  The most common quote I can give you from a newbie investor is “Well, if it’s a great deal you’re just going to buy it”  – You’re right I am!

    I believe we live in a world of abundance when it comes to real estate investment options.  And you’re going to need to understand that quickly if you want to work with me or my team. We don’t have time for you to second guess our ability to determine the best deals on the market, because all it will do is loose us the deal we can get for the next guy.  If you want a deal, what you need to do is pony up and tell us your criteria.  You see, each investor is unique and different.  What I want, you may hate, and what he likes I may hate.  I’ll tell you EXACTLY how I make up my mind, but in the end it is still up to you.  After all, my crystal ball doesn’t work any better than the next guy’s.  So, “investors” – LISTEN UP!  You need to come to terms with your ability to 1. Understand Real Estate Investment 2. Under stand the LOCAL market you’re targeting and 3. Find the right professional!


    Not all agents are alike, not all real estate firms were created equal.  Please follow us as we embark on a new era of Real Estate Professionalism!

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    Mark Updegraff

    Mark is dedicated to building Monroe county's top real estate team from the ground up, Rochester Investment. He got started in real estate as a small landowner and quickly got acclimated with the ins and outs of residential rental properties. His passion to seize the moment after a massive correction in the housing market lead him to his broker's license in record pace. Over the years Mark has rehabilitated over 30 properties, bring much deferred housing stock back to life in areas that were in decline. This background gave him valuable insight into the nuts and bolts of the housing industry in a way that competitors don't understand and lead him to founding Updegraff Development, Management and Group. Mark actively leads the pursuit of developing the most tech-savvy real estate syndicate that will make your life easier for all things real estate!

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