Well I’ve managed to make it until 11:13 tonight after binge watching the first 8 episodes of Narcos last night and getting very little shut eye.  I’ve been tempted to start watching again for the last few hours but have been diligently servicing all you loyal patrons that have been stopping by and using our incredible new site.  We’ll have some new images going live shortly, and the gang is getting their portraits this Friday!  OK, as I end this post – I’m going to admit that I’m about to tab over and just get a taste… if that is even possible with a show more addictive than the narcotic itself!

    Isn’t it crazy that Net Flix just came out of no-where and now they’re poised to start market domination?   That’s why I love this country.  People complain about monopolies and the man getting them down and “can’t compete with the big guys”

    Don’t compete, dominate!

    Back to Narcos ;C)narcos

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