Pinterest and taking it to a whole new level

    Residing in Rochester NY the imaging capital of the US (if I can claim that right) I would like to take this conversation to Pinterest.  I’ve always loved photography and feel privileged to have been mentored by the great leaders of the Imaging and Photographic Technology program, as well as the imaging and color science programs at Rochester Institute of Technology.

    When I see a site like Pinterest come along and actually understand how it operates differently than other social media sites it reminds me that all companies are subject to market trends.  Why should Facebook or google or apple or anyone take a hit to a company like Pinterest (or name your favorite tech start up here)? They clearly have the technical ability to compete with them.  In this case, they saw the bigger picture, quite literally.

    IMO the future of the internet is a visual one.  Content will be disseminated first visually for a overwhelming hierarchy of data before it even displays print media.  A picture tells a thousand words.

    Fellow Rochesterian’s unite!  Let’s keep our imaging capital throne and imagine a new way to integrate both technology and imaging into the lives of the world!!

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    Mark Updegraff

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